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We are certified paint correction and ceramic coating specialists and we're here to serve you. We know that your vehicle is an investment. Any good investment requires attention and proper maintenance. That’s where we come in. 

Life gets busy right? Sometimes we don’t have the time to really clean and care for our automobile like we want. That no longer has to be an issue! 

Book your appointment today and start maintaining your ride the right way! 

We value you as an individual, so we take our service seriously and hold ourselves to nothing less than the Extreme name.

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  • Cerified Ceramic Pro Installer
  • Certified Installer of Pearl Nano
  • Authorized Installer of SPS Coating

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Graphene vs Ceramic Coating: Which one to Choose?

Your car’s paint job is subjected to tons of things every day that could cause problems like rusting. These scratches, fingerprints, and other concerns also simply take away from ...

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We’re your one stop shop for automotive beautification

We’re your one stop shop for automotive beautification

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Say goodbye to swirl marks

Say goodbye to swirl marks, water spots, stains, and other paint defects that take away from your vehicle’s showroom shine

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