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Jeremy is an awesome guy who went above and beyond on my car detail. I had 3M vinyl wrap on my 2017 Honda Civic and wanted it removed. Jeremy had not done this on a car, but took it on and did an amazing job. At my request he also did compounding, polish and put on ceramic coating. This guy had my car looking like a mirror and made my car look better than the day I bought it from the dealership! Jeremy sent me texts, videos and FaceTimed me to give me updates. He also put me in a luxury Mercedes Benz since the car was going to take a few days to finish and I lived about 30 minutes away.

This dude is a class act and will definitely be going back to him in the near future for other services. An all around great guy who loves the Lord and uses his detail business to share with others.

Richard Morris

They did a great job on my suv.

Took a bit longer then quoated but I imagine because it was more due to my car being dirtier then expected.

Will be going back for sure.

Dick Biggerson

After doing quite a bit of research, I decided to have my new Tesla coated to protect the relatively soft clear coat finish. I looked at several sites and happened upon the link to Extreme Auto Detailing. Comparing prices, I found Jeremy at EAD. Upon Jeremy's advice, I decide to go with graphene coating. He kept my car treated and garaged for 24 hours so that the coating could cure properly. Jeremy was very knowledgeable about the whole process. Although the coating is not cheap, Jeremy had the best prices and I'm happy that I pulled the trigger. The car looks fabulous-extremely glossy and very resistant to grime and gunk that normally gets on the car from routine driving. I couldn't be more pleased with the result and Jeremy's expert advice and professional treatment. He's also a great guy and took the time to go over every aspect of the process. Go see Extreme Auto Detailing and you will be very pleased with the brilliant gleam of your vehicle.

Mike Weaver

I'm very happy with this job. Incredible attention to detail. I used to work at an auto-detailing company and I can promise you you won't find a deal like this elsewhere. Where I worked, it would've been $65 for just my seats and nothing else. They'd charge you an extra $5 just to scrub the carpet on your inner console. And no guarantee that the employees are going to do a good job. To do a full interior would be closer to $160-$180.

For $100 with Jeremy, I get not only my seats done, but a full interior service. My carpets were shampooed, I can tell there's been some kind of leather treatment done on the steering wheel and dash. As an uber/lyft driver, I sincerely appreciate the work done to this car. It really is a treat.

Niquel Barnett

Jeremy and his crew did a fantastic job on my 3 stage paint pearl Highlander. I must admit I was a bit nervous since Jeremy works from his house but he is the real deal. He also fixed a small problem that I thought was gonna cost me a trip to the body shop but he was able to remove the paint that had been transferred to my car from my mailbox door. My five year old car looks new again. Thanks Jeremy!

Mark Kellett

I wish I could rate more than 5 stars! Jeremy was able to remove some stains, leftover residue on the dash, and even most of the crayon that has been melted into my seat for over 2 years that no other detail place has been able to help with. He was super meticulousness with everything. I will definitely be back!

Victoria Owens

This guy knows his stuff!! I am SO happy with the detailing service Jeremy provides! I drive a 2007 Toyota 4Runner which I have owned for 10 years. After Jeremy gave it the cleaning works, I feel like I'm driving a new vehicle! He added product and touches that I didn't even know were available. I can attest to his character and work ethic and honesty as well. Give his service a try....you won't be disappointed!

Thanks Jeremy!!

Diana Julien Sims

I received my car when my mother passed away. She was a heavy smoker. The seats were stained with nicotine and when you turned on the air it smelled like a stale ash tray. Not after Jeremy got finished with it. This guy and his team are exceptional. So very happy to have found them. Much nicer and better pricing than anyone around here. He also offers mobile detailing. They should be listed as Best of Denton-2020.

Andrea Miller

Did an amazing job detailing the interior of my recently purchased work truck and made the headlights and taillights on an almost 20 year old truck look almost brand new with their restoration service. 100% would recommend.

Brandon Hurst

Jeremy did a great job on a car we recently received that was absolutely awful. He even did it with short notice! The price was way better than other places I had looked into. I will definitely be bringing my other cars!

Lacey Hudson